Our Products

Whenever you demand excellent behaviour from your products you can only rely on the best! We are the experts when it comes to high performance plastics- and reinforced carbon fiber composite solutions for medical products and industrial applications. Our products meet the highest tolerance levels and perform even in the harshest environments where other devices fail. epmodex provides you with a first class service you can trust!
Reinforced carbon fiber composites have incredible advantages over metals e.g. excellent radiolucency, up to 75% weight reduction at the same strength level as steel, outstanding friction- and wear resistance and absolutely no risk of corrosion even in the harshest environments. In the high-pressure medical industry, only high-performance devices will do.
The introduction of the tissue conserving Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) process in trauma- and orthopaedic divisions has led to reinforced carbon fiber composites as being state of the art today. One reason being its excellent radiolucency properties.
Our high performance plastics and reinforced carbon fiber composites are modern lightweight- materials with a high innovation potential. By a clever combination of various fiber- and matrix materials and the use of reinforced layers inside the composites, our high performance plastics are optimized for numerous applications and requirements. epmodex is first if you are looking for lightweight-, radiolucent and cost effective components. Our trained staff spent much time in surgery and understand the needs of surgeons, their language and the challenging requirements of high- tech clinics, but also day to day clinic life.
We have the expertise and the necessary knowhow to develop, produce and deliver these superior products in the shortest time possible whilst pushing for further material development. epmodex delivers high tech, safe and reliable products for your next generation systems! We look forward and are proud to provide you with our top- level service.