Composite Blank

Composite Blanks

epmodex provides high performance structured reinforced Carbon Fiber Composite Blanks. The material is ideally suited to replace metal in demanding applications due to its high strength at a low weight level. We cut blanks by water jet into shape- precisely according to our clients specifications.

Our composites consist of long size continuous fibers- increasing the tensile and flexural properties of the composite as stress is transfered along the fibers through the polymer matrix.The material offers a number of distinct advantages to metals e.g. radiolucency, up to 75% weight reduction at the same strength level like stainless steel, outstanding friction- and wear resistance and absolutely no risk of corrosion. Further advantages besides the Carbon Fiber / Epoxy Composites are :

-Heat resistance up to 270°C / 518°F
-Very high chemical resistant to most acids, alkali and organic solvents
-Low wear coefficient
-High wear resistance
-Good damping characteristics

Due to the following unique properties it is the material to be used for medical devices:

-Up to 75% weight reduction at the strength level of stainless steel
-Precise mechanical machineability
-Corrosion resistant
-Dimensional stability after repeat steam sterilization cycles
-Homogeneous surface / Perfect cleanability
-Design flexibility

Using dedicated tooling, the blanks are mechanically fairly easy to machine. This leads to the highest degree of flexibity for freedom of design. In other words, it makes prototypes or small series economically even more attractive. Our parts combine a long product lifecycle with low maintenance costs.