Torque- Screwdriver for precise medical applications

epmodex supplies torque screwdrivers with torque levels starting at 1.5Nm up to 15Nm!

- Torque levels in clock wise direction: 1.5- 6Nm/ 15Nm; delivery according to clients specification
- Tolerance +/- 5%
- Withstands repeat steam sterilization
- Reliability without recalibration
- Even after 25'000 tightening cycles still in tolerance (according to 10 years in clinics)
- Biocompatible according to ISO 10993 and USP Class 6
- Lock mechanism counterclockwise to release snug fitted screws
- Optimized surface for perfect  and effective cleanability
- Mechanism thoroughly sealed inside
- Instrument comes completely marked, assembled and packed according to clients’ specification